Let our 5-Part Primer take the mystery out of the PixInsight Interface!

Part-1 of our series will get you comfortable navigating in PixInsight. These previews of our 5-part Primer will get you comfortable with PixInsight's interface. To learn more about this series see the table of contents for PixInsight Part 1

PixInsight Foundation Series


Warren has teamed with PixInsight Expert Rogelio Bernal Andreo, an APOD imager and recipient of AIC's prestigious Pleiades Award. We're confident that IP4AP's succinct and to the point format will deliver the much needed 'context and chronology' to the existing information available on PixInsight- the what to do and when to do it.

PixInsight is the brainchild of Juan Conejero, a Spanish software developer who has led Vicent Peris and the 'PTeam' since 2004 in PI's development. If you're new to image processing, PixInsight is a very powerful and much less expensive alternative to Photoshop. New modules are being added all the time, eliminating the need for astro-specific, 3rd-party plugins as with Photoshop. Because it was specifically designed for Astrophotography, it has definite advantages over Adobe CS and we can see a time in the near future when its postprocessing abilities will surpass Photoshop in many areas.



Philosophy, Introduction to the User Interface, PI Community, Automatic Updates, Global Preferences, Toolbars, Explorer Windows, Menus 7:21min



Philosophy, Introduction to the User Interface, PI Community, Automatic Updates, Global Preferences, Toolbars, Explorer Windows, Menus 7:21min



The User Interface continued- the Screen Transfer Function, New Instances                                                                                         7:22min




The User Interface continued- Processes, Previews, Real Time Previews, Intro to Masks 7:03min



The User Interface continued- More Masks, the Process Container, the Image Container 6:54min





Let us show the way on your journey from Novice to Expert. This powerful image processing platform may seem daunting but we'll be with you every step of the way. 


New Weekly Content


We promise to have new content that willkeep you updated on revisions and new processes for PixInsight. We'll include object specific tutorials that will help you get the most from your data. 


Monthly Workshops

imageWe'll use the power of the WEB to bring you these informative workshops on different monthly topics.  Don't worry if you can't make it they'll be here for you in our archive.  

PI Resources


Our resource page will be full of PI information and links that you'll love. We'll have updated Process Icon sets that will help streamline your processing. From time to time we will publish imaging data of objects that we feature in our tutorials. A great way to hone your skills and impress your loved ones.



Want access to our tutorials while away from your Internet connection? Many of our tutorials are available on DVD and IOS Apps. As we develop more content we will offer these for sale in formats for offline use too. 

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Need some coaching? Spend some quality time with Warren. Your data or ours this s great way to get into the finer points of processing from the Guru of Pix online and at your pace. 

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