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PixInsight Reloaded

The PI Reloaded series is an update to our earlier PixInsight Foundations series. Reloaded documents the many changes and improvements to the various tools of version 1.8.5, and also clarifies and corrects concepts from the Foundations series. PixInsight Reloaded Part-1 is now complete! Each video features one or more updates to new processes, scripts, or techniques. 

PI Resources Page - Process Icons and Workflows

Preview Available New 2/20/21 WBPP 2.0 Part-1- is an introduction to the changes and improvements to the WeightedBatchPreprocessing script. Part-2 will present a few examples of the new Control Panel and grouping features. 12:48min
New 2/20/21 WBPP 2.0 Part-2 introduces the Control Panel and Grouping features. 15:31min
New 2/20/21 WBPP 2.0 Part-3 continues with the Control Panel and Grouping features. 10:42min
Preview Available New 12-13-2019 WBPP V1 Script- By Roberto Sartori, Tommaso Rubechi, and the AstroTest Italian Community, is a major contribution to PixInsight preprocessing. 14:43min
New 12-30-2020  Photometric Mosaic- Is an alternate approach to mosaic building, using new, 1.8.8-7 scripts, rather than the StarAlignment methods detailed previously. 3:40min
Preview Available New 12-29-2020 PixInsight Version 1.8.8-7- Details a few of the more significant improvements to PI's latest release. 2:59min
New 11-6-2020 Wavelets Revisited- Takes another look at all-important wavelets: the essence of what they are, and how PI uses them to "Git r done!" 4:34
Preview Available New 8-25-2020 PixInsight Version 1.8.8-6- Is a significant revision of PI with some nice new features, and more coming soon. 5:31min
New 7-8-2020 GAME Script 2020- Is the latest version of Hartmut Bornemann's mask editing script with an extremely significant new addition, rendering advanced mask making a breeze! 2:58min Download GAME Script 2020
New 5-8-2020 DefectMap Star Removal Does a better job of removing stars than does Starnet++! We owe this fantastic yet simple technique to PI user, Jeremy Scheere. 2:24min
New 2-11-2020 LDD and LPS Scripts- Are a fix for vertical defects, common in CCD sensors. They can do an even better job than CosmeticCorrection's Defect List feature. 6:13min
New 12-17-2019 StarNet Process- Is a terrific, new, 3rd part addition by Nikita Misiura, which automatically removes the stars from a nonlinear image! 2:01min
New 12-7-2019 PI version 1.8.8- Has a couple of really nice bells and whistles, including increased functionality to the Real-Time Preview window, and a new rejection algorithm called ESD. 2:28min
New 10-21-2019 BPP- 'Calibrate Using Flat Darks Only'- Highlights a special, newer feature of the BPP script, which may benefit some CMOS users. 10:59min
New 10-16-2019 Version 1.8.7- We recap the most significant improvements to the latest revision of PixInsight. 4:55min
SubframeSelector- A brand new process, which supersedes the older script version. New SFS is much faster and more flexible- get to know it! 11:09min (Download the Expression called out in this tutorial at the 8:05min mark)
LocalFuzzyHistogramHyperbolization- Is a new script for contrast enhancement by Frank Weidenbusch. Along with the funny name, comes fuzzy logic to PI! 2:24min
PSFImage script- By Hartmut Bornemann, uses the DynamicPSF process to automatically generate a Synthetic PSF image for Deconvolution, saving you time and headache! 1:41min  Download PSFImageScript*
PixInsight Reloaded Tutorials
Introduction- What's new at IP4AP.com 5:47min
PixInsight Version 1.8.5 Ripley- Kicks off our introduction to the latest and greatest version of PI. 2:24min
Debayer- Has been improved with batch capability, and one additional convenience for DSLR users. 1:05min
DSLR Fine Points- Speaks to newer DSLR imagers to clear up some of the misconceptions concerning preprocessing one-shot color data acquired with modified digital single lens reflex cameras. 4:42min
PhotometricColorCalibration- A brand new process, which may replace standard ColorCalibration in your workflow. PCC plate solves your color master before calibrating it to the actual spectral types of stars in the field. 5:21min
ColorMask Script- Rick Stevenson's brilliant new script let's you target specific colors. 3:02min
One-Shot Color Narrowband Preprocessing shows you two different ways of extracting the best data from your narrowband frames, taken with an OSC/DSLR camera. 3:21min

WriteJPEG Script- Instantly produces a nonlinear, high-res JPEG from a linear XISF, FITS, or TIFF. 1:10min Download WriteJPEG Script*

MosaicPlanner Script- by Andres del Pozo can help you plan your next mosaic. 3:27min
Andrés del Pozo Scripts- ImageSolver and AnnotateImage can plate solve the FOV, adding object names and astronomical designations. Two more scripts by Mr. del Pozo- CopyCoordinates, and MosaicByCoordinates (MSB) are also profiled. MSB, when used with ImageSolver, can be used for mosaic construction. 5:39min
BackgroundEnhance and StarReduction Scripts- profiles two lesser-known, but very useful Utility scripts for image enhancement. 3:14min
Star Halo Repair- Demonstrates Dr. Ron Brecher's method of fixing the excessive halos of Oxygen 3 data. Also featured is a neat trick with the CloneStamp process. A future tutorial will address problematic RGB star halos, beyond the aesthetic ones discussed here. 4:54min
Donut Eater- This tutorial shows you how certain dust motes that escape flat correction can be repaired. It also discusses the concept of Photoshop-style Layer Blend Modes. 2:15min
SubstituteWithPreview Script- Despite a good result applied to a preview, a process fails to work as expected when applied to the image itself. Before you give up, this wonderful script can save the day! 3:07min
Enhanced Mosaic Construction- Star Pinch- This tutorial shows you how to eliminate star artifacts from the borders of your mosaic panels. 2:03min
Enhanced Mosaic Construction- dnaLinearFit introduces a new script by David Ault, that can improve the seams of troublesome mosaic panels. 2:26min
SubframeSelector- A brand new process, which supersedes the older script version. New SFS is much faster and more flexible- get to know it! 11:09min 

 (Download the Expression called out in this tutorial at the 8:05min mark) 

Large-Scale Pixel Rejection- A breakthrough addition to the ImageIntegration process. Use this powerful new feature to more effectively eliminate satellite and asteroid trails. 2:49min
LocalNormalization- A brand new process, to normalize the background variations between subexposures. While ImageIntegration does this based upon an image to image comparison, LocalNormalization (LN) can do it on a pixel to pixel level! Adding LN to your workflow could result in even better masters than before. 4:35min
Bayer Drizzle- Now, increase the apparent resolution of your One-Shot Color data using the BPP script, ImageIntegration, and DrizzleIntegration. As with monochromatic data, the inherent data must be of low resolution (i.e. undersampled and also dithered) to benefit from Bayer Drizzle. 3:23min
Extensible Image Serialization Format- PixInsight's new default image file format deprecates FITS. 3:24min
Working with Outside FITS- Choose the proper settings to bring them in-line with PI. 2:15min
CSS (cascading style sheet)- Allows you to alter most of PI's fonts and colors for a custom workspace. 2:51min
New Instance and Reset- Demonstrates a couple of minor features new to version 1.8.5. You can now more easily run a second instance of the program! You can also globally reset your settings in a revised way. 1:01min
History Explorer Image Origin- This brief tutorial reveals a little known but useful feature of the History Explorer. Now, you can view and revisit the process that created masks, etc. 1:21min
Drag and Drop- Demonstrates a couple of new drag and drop options in the interface. 0:48min
Reset Previews- Did you know that applying a process to a preview overwrites the previous application? 2:03min
Apply Processes- Expedite your workflow using keyboard shortcuts. 1:11min
File Explorer Window- This window is a nice way of navigating to the files on your drive(s), while providing useful information about them. 1:06min
Zoom and Pan- Here are a few helpful hints for navigating in an image window with zoom and pan controls. 1:49min
Process Console Delay- A couple of handy tips on the Process Console 1:23min
Project Compression- Save significant disk space when saving projects 1:11min
MultiscaleLinearTransform (MLT)- PI's latest and greatest wavelets-based process is here. Replacing ATrousWaveletTransform, and to some extent, MultiscaleMedianTransform, MLT is perfect for linear noise reduction and includes a terrific, internal mask feature. MLT is also excellent for nonlinear sharpening. 5:20 min
Repair Dark Mottle- Reveals a great PixelMath trick for reducing dark 'pepper' noise in the background sky. 1:12min
TGVDenoise Automatic Convergence- Can appreciably speed up the application of TGVD. 2:29min
Convolution- Use this little-known process to effectively smooth/blur the edges of a mask. 1:19min
MureDenoise Script- By Mike Schuster, offers an alternate way to reduce noise in linear, monochromatic masters. 3:24min
Preview Available Performance- Enhance the performance of your computer when processing with PI. 2:04min
StarAlignment Star Detection- What to do when the process fails to find a sufficient number of stars for successful registration. 1:48min
BPP Custom Groups- Two minutes of pure dynamite for users of the BatchPreprocessing script. Calibrate disparate image sets in a single run using Add Custom. 2:04min
BPP Save Process Log- This brand-new feature lets you generate a text file, detailing all of the steps performed by the BatchPreprocessing script. 0:48min
SubframeSelector Script- Provides a deeper look at this essential tool by Mike Schuster, for analyzing subframes based on their statistics. 7:02min
GAME Script- A brand new tool by Hartmut Bornemann makes building masks a cinch- this one's a 'game changer' folks! 2:40min Download GAME Script*
Advanced Mask Shapes- Offers tips to create masks with circular, elliptical, square and rectangular shapes using PixelMath (expressions courtesy Gerald Weschselberger) and the CloneStamp process. 6:38min
AdvStarmask Script- Automatically produces a great, general purpose star mask in seconds, and is a 'godsend' for those less comfortable with the StarMask process. 1:02min Download AdvStarmask Script*
RangeSelection Process- How to create a mask utilizing this process to select galaxies while also eliminating stars as an alternative to employing the PixelMath method. 1:18min
Dynamic PSF- Refine your understanding of the process to generate a more accurate synthetic PSF for Deconvolution's External PSF tab. 2:37min
PSFImage script- By Hartmut Bornemann, uses the DynamicPSF process to automatically generate a Synthetic PSF image for Deconvolution, saving you time and headache! 1:41min Download PSFImage Script*
Deconvolution- Presented is a slightly different take on the Local Deringing Support Image. 1:18min
LocalFuzzyHistogramHyperbolization- Is a new script for contrast enhancement by Frank Weidenbusch. Along with the funny name, comes fuzzy logic to PI! 2:24min
Dynamic Range Extension- This overlooked feature in several processes can yield improved sharpening results without blowing-out the highlights. 1:41min
Copy STF- Lets you transfer an Auto Stretch from one image to another. 0.53min
RepairedHSVSeparation Script- Can eliminate star artifacts caused by highlight-protecting nonlinear stretches such as MaskedStretch or ArcsinhStretch. 2:14min
ArcsinhStretch- Is a brand-new intensity transformation process by Mark Shelly, which preserves the color and detail of highlights even better than MaskedStretch. 3:26min
One Last Look For Now- A recap of our latest, essential post-processing icon set, with updated comments by Warren. 8:58min
*To install new scripts, download the JavaScript file, placing it in the proper folder
(C:\Program Files\PixInsight\src\scripts). Click Feature Scripts from the Script menu. Next, click Add. Navigate to the correct folder and click Select Folder. PixInsight will report any new scripts found. Click OK, then click Done!
Preview of Part-1 available Deconvolution Miniseries- In this six-part miniseries, we take an in-depth look at Deconvolution, including the DynamicPSF process. Some new 'takes' on the procedures are revealed. This is your chance to 'deconvolve' any problems you may be having, and to become an expert in the Deconvolution process.
Preview of Part-1 available  NGC 3166-3169 Object Oriented Processing
Preview of Part-1 available  BatchPreprocessing Script
Preview of Part-1 available  One Shot Color Workflow with the BatchPreprocessing Script
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