Process Icons

In PixInsight Part-1 (PI-3 Primer 3) we introduced you to New Instance Process Icons. Here for your enjoyment are Warren's current defaults. Install the files in your PixInsight program folder and visit the Process menu, Process Icons/Load Process Icons to use. You may further alter them and save them under a different name. The link below is a compressed .zip file that contains both Chronological and Alphabetical versions of the .xpsm file. Enjoy!

Download Process Icons referred to in PixInsight Foundations Series

*NEW Download Warren's Updated 2017 Process Icon Sets- Enjoy the very latest revision of Warren's famous New Instance Icons. Removed have been some older processes, descriptions (click the small red 'D') have been enhanced, and some of Warren's defaults have been tweaked. Load the Process Icons, arrange them as you like, and re-save the set.