PixInsight Workshop - August 3-4, 2019

PixInsight has become the de facto standard for processing images of the deep-sky. Join Warren Keller and Ron Brecher for two days of intensive PixInsight training. This beginners' workshop will be held at the Cernan Earth and Space Center on the campus of Triton College, 2000 Fifth Avenue, River Grove, IL USA 60171, and is limited to an exclusive group of 25 attendees, allowing for a personal learning experience for all. Have questions? Have questions?  Don't hesitate to contact us!

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     Cernan Center, Triton College, 2000 North Fifth Avenue, I Building, River Grove, IL USA 60171


             Comfort Suites Schiller Park - Chicago O'Hare Airport




Two-days (12 hours) of PixInsight training by two instructors 9:00 AM-4:00 PM. $499.
Early Bird Special $449 Extended.

    You may cancel your registration up to 30 days before the event and receive a full refund less any PayPal fees.

Workshop Agenda

This is a hands-on workshop. While you'll learn from simply observing and taking notes, we recommend that you bring a 64-bit laptop with the latest version of PixInsight installed so that you can follow along with the instructors. This Introductory-Level Course Will Focus on the Following Objectives.

Day One



'EASY AS PI' Introductions and Workshop Overview

9:30 The PixInsight Desktop Environment
• User Interface
• Global Settings

• Readout Options


BREAK (15 min)

10:30 Preprocessing Part 1
• Evaluating subframe quality with Blink
• Data reduction with BatchPreprocessing (BPP) script

• The Power of Projects


LUNCH (60 min)

1:00 Preprocessing Part 2 (Luminance)
• ScreenTransferFunction (STF)
• DynamicCrop
• Background Modelization with ABE

• Linear noise reduction with MultiscaleLinearTransform


BREAK (15 min)

2:45 Preprocessing Part 3 (Chrominance)
• Create a color image with ChannelCombination
• DynamicCrop
• Background Modelization with ABE
• Balance color with ColorCalibration

• Linear noise reduction with MultiscaleLinearTransform

3:30 One-Shot Color Considerations
  • Debayering
  • Using BatchPreprocessing script with OSC and DSLR RAW file

  • 4:00 END OF DAY ONE


    Day Two


    9:00    Q & A / Review of Day 1

    9:15 Nonlinear Processing Part 1
    • Delinearization with STF and HistogramTransformation
    • Combining Luminance and Chrominance with LRGBCombination
    • Clones and Luminance Mask basics
    • TGVDenoise


    BREAK (15 min)

    10:30 Nonlinear Processing Part 2
    • Adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation with CurvesTransformation

    11:00 Process Your Own Data I -- Individual Coaching


    LUNCH (60 min)

    1:00 Making and Using Masks
    • Intro to RangeSelection and StarMask
    • AdvStarMask and GAME script

    • Combining masks PixelMat

    1:45 Nonlinear Processing Part 3
  • Contrast enhancement with LocalHistogramEqualization
  • SCNR

  • 2:15

    BREAK (15 min)

    2:30 Process Your Own Data II

    • Individual Coaching

    3:30 Nonlinear Processing Part 4
  • ColorSaturation
  • DarkStructureEnhance, WriteJPEG, and DeLinear scripts

  • 4:00 END OF DAY TWO

    Download Agenda PDF Agenda PDF Download


                 Warren Keller      Dr. Ron Brecher