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Announcing IP4AP's PixInsight Workshop - May 4-6, 2018

Join Warren Keller, Dr. Ron Brecher, and Pete Proulx in Buffalo, New York for three-days of intensive PixInsight training. The workshop will be held at the University of Buffalo Center for Tomorrow and is limited to an exclusive group of 25-30 attendees, allowing for a personal learning experience for all.  Read More

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If you're new to PixInsight, begin with our PixInsight Foundations Series. View the five Primer chapters of Part-1 absolutely free! They'll get you comfortable navigating the PI user interface. From there, we'll take you step by step from pre-processing to linear, and non-linear post-processing. 

As an added bonus, we've also included our award-wining Photoshop Foundations series, as well as our Soup to Nuts series. While we pride ourselves on being the Premier PixInsight-Centric resource, Photoshop can complement PI in putting the finishing touches on an artful image. Soup to Nuts walks you through pre-processing theory, and practically applies it to MaxIm DL and Astroart. As an added bonus, it also provides an update on earlier releases of Photoshop CS. 

PI Reloaded is where you'll find fresh PI content that goes beyond our earlier PI Foundations series. Check back often for new content, which may include a video, a blog entry, updated process icon sets, a workflow chart, image data, a project, or other PI goodies.



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Our resource page will be updated with PI information and links that you'll love. We'll publish updated Process Icon sets that will help streamline your workflow. From time to time we'll offer image data of objects featured in our tutorials, as well as complete Projects. This is a great way to hone your skills and impress your friends and loved ones.




We'll use the power of the WEB to bring you periodic informative Podcasts. Join Warren and Pete for informative and unscripted 'OnDaFly' sessions covering various image processing topics.



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Need some coaching? After studying our tutorials, spend some quality time with Warren- your personal PI Guru. Your data or ours. This is a great way to get past those hangups that are slowing you down.